i'd like to think i've been making zines since age 5, when i started producing "lil the cat" mini-comix for my family. i was infatuated by self-publication @ an early age. i started conciously making zines as a young teen, when i made + sold them to raise money for hurricane katrina relief.

over a decade later and i'm still here, making these little books. i love it. i love trading them, pasting the elements together, and most of all: explaining to people WHY i make zines in the internet age. short answer: they're fun. long answer? i'll save that for a zine ;)

ORDERING: e-mail me @ lu(at)tiny-universes(dot)net first, with what you'd like to order and your address! i'll email you back to confirm. then, you can use paypal to send $$. please make sure you're sending it as "friends and family"!

you can also mail well-concealed cash ~or~ two stamps + a nice note or drawing.

** any "price" just covers (most) of the printing costs, and are negotiable. **

i'm always interested in trades - more so than money, cuz let's face it, zinesters rarely break even. e-mail me!!

SUBMISSIONS: i am always accepting submissions for collage. the theme is always the same: "being vulnerable is a radical act." there's a lot of room for interpretation there, as you can imagine. if you don't know what to submit, or just don't feel like spilling your guts/paint, i like "four word stories" a lot.

FREEBIES: who doesn't love free zines??! i have a few pocket "origami" zines available for download @ the bottom of this page. i swear, it's way easier than making a paper crane. simply print the zine you want, fold, cut, and staple. if you get stuck, check out this guide by sammy borras. it's the best kind of guide because you can print it out for practice!

COLLAGE #1: 40 pages half letter b+w. $3 or trade.

over 20 different selections from various contributors.

completed february 2018. features: several poems, an article about the "ancient" yet revolutionary art of creating personal, static homepages, an interview with a lively young lady w/ cystic fibrosis, photos, a song with no sound, four-word stories, an experience getting sober, and moooore!

COMMUNICATING THRU COLORS: one sheet, folded to 8 pages. color. FREE.

a small, visual reference to the color code system suggested in this post.

completed february 2018. i didn't come up with this idea!! but i really, really want it to spread. it's not 100% perfect - i'm not totally sure if i like the term "mental illness", but i wanted it to be inclusive enough for everyone to understand, & mental illness is the recognizable term.

this is a cute, colorful little scribble zine. i have mine on my fridge. pass it out to your support systems or the peepz you support! download it here.

if you need help w/ assembling it, i threw a really helpful link @ the top of the page under "freebies".

OUT OF PRINT: (aka the zine graveyard) raw, just words, wander, special kat army, six months #1 and #2, wet paint, and everything made before 2007.